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Pre-Registration Now Open

Our Kickstarter is now over and we are ready to open the doors to pre-registration!


Head on over to the KC Game Fair 2014 Warhorn site to register and pay for admission. Select any discounts you are eligible for and you are on your way! Check our Pricing page for details on available discounts.

Submit Your Events

Get your events submitted so they show up in the Warhorn site’s event list. Run enough events events and you qualify for discount admission. Check our Pricing page for details.


Conventions are a lot of work. There’s lots to do and we are always looking for help. And volunteering can earn you discount admission! Check our Pricing page for details.

Kickstarter-exclusive Pathfinder Event Announced!

The KC Game Fair 2014 Kickstarter is in it’s final three days, but there’s still time to get in on great backer-exclusive events and perks for Pathfinder, Heroes of Rokugan, and Shadowrun:


  • Seats at a special module, run by author Nathan King (limited seating)

Pathfinder Society

Heroes of Rokugan

  • Dice reroll certs
  • Seats at a special “canon-adjacent” event Monster at the End (limited seating)

Heroes of Rokugan

Shadowrun Missions

  • +3 Dice Pool certs for different skills (collect all nine Nerps!)
  • Seats at a special Convention Mission Pack game, run by author and Dumpshock admin Redjack (limited seating)


Funded with KickstarterThe Kickstarter doesn’t have much time, so lock in your rewards now!

» Back the Kickstarter now

KC Game Fair 2014 Kickstarter Organized Play Perks

The KC Game Fair 2014 Kickstarter is just halfway over and we’ve already raised nearly 75% of our goal with nearly two weeks left! If you haven’t backed yet, now’s the time to get in on great rewards like backer-exclusive events and perks. New rewards are being added from time to time, so check back often!

Heroes of Rokugan

Heroes of Rokugan

  • Dice reroll certs
  • Seats at a special “canon-adjacent” event Monster at the End (limited seating)

Shadowrun Missions

Shadowrun Missions

  • +3 Dice Pool certs for different skills (collect all nine Nerps!)
  • Seats at a special Convention Mission Pack game (coming soon, limited seating)

Lock in your rewards!

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KC Game Fair 2014 Now Accepting Event and Volunteer Submissions

Event SubmissionKC Game Fair 2014 is now accepting event and volunteer submissions. Get yours added to the schedule today!

» Submit Events

» Become a Volunteer

Small Game Publishers

Looking for better exposure for your new game? Consider running games at a booth! Booths are very affordable and provide great visibility for your game!

» Become a Dealer


GMs and volunteers can earn discounts (not available to Kickstarter backers) for their contributions. Run or volunteer enough and you get in free! Sign up at the Events or Volunteers pages.

Discounts are available for the following circumstances:

  • $10 discount on 4-Day Badge for each 4-hour slot you register to run a game (judge) or volunteer.  You can stack up to 4 of these discounts and receive a free 4-Day Badge (the final $5 is waived).
  • $5 discount on 4-Day Badge for RPGKC and HAHMGS members.
  • Discounts are not available on single day badges.
  • Discounts are not available for Kickstarter backers.
  • Discounts are not available on purchases made AFTER November 16, 2014.


Thank you to everyone who pledged, shared and supported our successful Kickstarter project! Backers can expect more information shortly regarding rewards, but for now thank you for everything and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in November!

Kansas City Game Fair Launches Kickstarter

The Kansas City Game Fair today launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their 5th Annual convention. The KC Game Fair brings the best tabletop games to Kansas City, including RPG’s, designer board games, miniatures and much more!

In 2013 the KC Game Fair returns to the Hilton KC Airport for the third time on November 22-24. Last year was an amazing year, and we’re hoping to continue the momentum to build a world class tabletop gaming event right here in Kansas City.

Interested in supporting tabletop gaming in Kansas City and the midwest? Help fund the convention and contribute now!