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2014 Sponsors

Violet Skies by Edward CoteEdward Cote

Violet Skies author Edward Cote will be on hand selling books and posters and telling tales of Taya and her adventures in Aeovas. Learn more at EdwardLCote.blogspot.com.

» Purchase paperback or Kindle versions of Violet Skies

Scott Ward

We want to send out a special thanks to Scott Ward. Sponsorships from folks like Scott keep the convention happening. If you meet him at the convention, shake his hand… with his approval, of course! Thanks, Scott!

2014 Backers

Adam Thomas-Brashier, Amanda Masek, Andrew Strobl, Andy Hopp, Andy Terrill, Arthur Doler, Brad Kelley, Brett Walsh, Brian Burch, Brian Kelsay, Bruce Higa, Buddy Arnold, Catlin Mills, Chris Galecki, Chris Wilcox, Christian Canon, d20 Entertainment, Danielle McGough, Dave Oswald, David Blackwell, Derek Mitchell, Doug Grimes, Ethan Southworth, Eytan Bernstein, Fr. Kent O’Connor, Fred Woodward, James Budnick, James Poppe, James Spell, Jared Deremer, Jason Cook, Jeremiah Frye, Jeremy Daniels, Jim Brinkman, John Samona, John Voils, Johnny Ungerer, Joshua Johnson, Kay Markert, Keith Gassen, Lester Smith, Matthew Jenison, Michael Christensen, Michael Mockus, Monjoni Osso, Philip Tchou, Pieter Sleijpen, Richard Loomis, Robert Bellamy, Robert Fritchey, Ryan King, Stephen Bongner, Tom Ball, Tom LaPille, Tyson B. Cram, William Murray, William Peterson, and any others that may have been overlooked, typoed, or otherwise maligned!

The Original Pitch

Funded with KickstarterThe KC Game Fair 2014 Kickstarter is running through September 7th, 2014. Contribute to the Kickstarter if you want to help us pre-fund the event, don’t care about GM or volunteer discounts, or want one of the great special rewards available only to backers.

To be clear: With Kickstarter, there are no GM or volunteer discounts, but there are reward perks.

In 2013 we were able to successfully raise half of our budget using Kickstarter.  This year, our cost is $6001.85 to rent the ballrooms and tables for the games. By allowing our guests to effectively pre-pay for their access through Kickstarter, we avoid having any one person or organization stuck making a deposit months in advance and having to wait until the week of the event to get paid back.

» Contribute now

Our costs are now as follows:

$520.00 deposit paid May 29, 2014
$2740.93 is due October 1, 2014
$2740.92 is due November 13, 2014

Our goal this year is to raise at least $2500 towards the deposit and first payment. Anything above that will be applied to the balance until all costs have been met. Full admission options to the Fair are based upon the Kickstarter level pledged. This effectively allows us to bring in some pre-registration revenue and let people contribute what they can to help us keep it going. Last year we were successful in using Kickstarter to fund approximately 50% of costs with the rest being covered by regular admission.  We’re looking to do the very same thing for 2014!