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Special Guests

Each year, KC Game Fair includes a number of gaming industry insiders and special guests who will be running and/or playing games on their own schedule at the convention.


2014 Kickstarter Sponsors

Violet Skies by Edward CoteEdward Cote

Violet Skies author Edward Cote will be on hand selling books and posters and telling tales of Taya and her adventures in Aeovas. Learn more at EdwardLCote.blogspot.com.

» Purchase paperback or Kindle versions of Violet Skies

Scott Ward

We want to send out a special thanks to Scott Ward. Sponsorships from folks like Scott keep the convention happening. If you meet him at the convention, shake his hand… with his approval, of course! Thanks, Scott!


2014 Industry Guests

Sterling Hershey

Sterling continues his long association with the various versions of the Star Wars RPG as a writer and developer on Fantasy Flight Games’ new versions, Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and the upcoming Force and Destiny, now in Beta. Sterling  previously contributed to the d6, d20 and Saga Edition versions of the game, as well as the Star Wars Miniatures Game. He is also one of the authors of the ENnie award winning D&D 4e Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, and contributes regularly to Dungeon and Dragon magazines through D&D Insider. Sterling will be running his new Dungeons and Dragons  Adventurers League module “Drums in the Marsh” as well as his new The Last Parsec module “Pranac Pursuit” at KC Game Fair. His cartography work can be found in some Dungeonaday.com adventures. Sterling’s work can be found at sterlinghershey.com.

Marker Jones

Marker’s far-future roleplaying game Worlds of Rage was published earlier this year, striking a rare balance between a compelling RPG storyline and simple playing mechanics, giving players a game that grows and changes with them. You may have playtested it at KC Game Fair in the past, but now you can actually own a copy (print or digital). Come learn what Marker and the gang at United Site Studios have in store! More at worldsofrage.wordpress.com

Nathan King

Nathan King became the youngest 5-star GM for Pathfinder Society at the age of 21. He served as Venture-Lieutenant of St. Louis, MO and received his first freelance writing credit in January 2014 for Pathfinder scenario, #5-13: Weapon in the Rift. Nathan will be running a Kickstarter backer-exclusive version of his module “Valley of Veiled Flame.“

Russell “Redjack” Petree

Russell Petree is perhaps best known by his handle “Redjack,” the sysop of the Shadowrunning community’s long-standing Dumpshock forums. Russell has been bringing Shadowrun Missions to KC Game Fair for many years, and this year he presents a Kickstarter backer-exclusive Shadowrun Convention Mission Pack written by him just for KC Game Fair!

Vickie Potter

Vickie is known best to fans of Tabletop Adventure’s game of modern Vatican horror, conspiracy and investigation Against the Darkness as simply “The Editor.” A long-time attendee fo KC Game Fair, Vicki will be running a number of adventures not suitable for the faint of heart. Learn more at www.tabletopadventures.com

Aaron Williams

Aaron is perhaps best known for is long running comic Nodwick in Dragon magazine. Aaron returned to D&D publication with the ongoing online series Epic CamPAIN, available for free on D&D Insider. Aaron’s superhero kids comic, PS238, continues to delight readers of all ages, while Full Frontal Nerdity highlights the peril, pitfalls and humor of gaming. Aaron’s work can be found at www.nodwick.com. Aaron generously provided artwork for the KC Game Fair and the Roleplayers Guild of Kansas City, Ltd.

Ed Zimmer

Ed is the designer of  Nebulon Prime, a new expandable board game being demoed at KC Game Fair. “Expand your gaming by sitting down to a board game with no limits. Where every decision you make can have repercussions in the game. You decide the board, you decide the planets and you decide the method that will determine the winner, all before the first ship is moved.” Additional information at nebulonprime.com.