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About The Convention

The essential info and basic FAQ about the KC Game Fair and its goals.

What is the KC Game Fair?

The KC Game Fair is an annual game convention bringing a number of long standing KC area game conventions under one roof. The Role-Players Guild of Kansas City (Shauncon), Heart of America Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (Borderwars), and Blockhead bring you RPGs, historical miniatures, board games, living and other organized play, regional game clubs, game designers, dealers, benefit events, a gamers’ garage sale and more! The list of events expands up until the convention, so check back regularly.

What types of games are included?

Board games, historical and other miniatures wargaming and roleplaying games are for certain. Collectable card games, live action roleplaying and other games are possibilities. Some will be single game events, while others may be tournaments or competitive play. The list of events expands up until the convention, so check back regularly.

What other events are included?

We will have gaming industry guests and usually host industry panels, a meet and greet, game demonstrations, benefit events and special gaming events.

Do I need to know how to play to attend?

No. In most cases you may learn the game when you sit down at the table. There may be some competitive play events that require more rules knowledge. Game demonstrations are typically available for some games, particularly board games.


KC Game Fair typically hosts a number of gaming related dealers, vendors and small press game companies. Check the Dealers page for details on this year’s dealers.

Event organizers

Event/game organizers should contact us as soon as possible so details may be worked out. We are looking for events ranging from a single board game or RPG round, to miniatures tournaments or sanctioned trading card events. If you want to run a tournament, live action or large-scale event, please contact us directly. See our Events page for details.


Volunteers are always needed. See our Volunteers page for volunteer discounts and to sign up as a volunteer.


The KC Game Fair is once again pleased to offer room discounts at our convention hotel, the  Hilton Kansas City Airport. Get reservation information and directions at our Lodging page.

How does my group, store or I get involved?

Essentially just fill out our contact form with your contact information and what you might want to bring to the Fair. See below for additional info:

  • Gaming Groups
    We will have a table for flyers and other promotional information for area gaming clubs and conventions. Groups that are interested in greater participation should fill out our contact form. Volunteer discounts are a great opportunities for your group or club. See our Volunteer page for details.
  • Stores
    We will have a wall or table to put out advertisements and other promotional items for KC area and other game stores. Stores may contact us directly to discuss attending as a dealer, or to provide other support. See our Dealers page for details.
  • Individuals
    Individuals may participate as players and event organizers, and need not be part of a larger group to do so.  See our Volunteer and Events pages for details.

Who are the convention staff and organizers?

Dale Maxfield is the man behind the KC Game Fair curtain. The convention is organized and staffed by a cadre of experienced conventioneers from the Role-players Guild of Kansas City, with an advisory board made up of participating members/organizers from Blockhead!, BorderWars, ShaunCon, and other interested individuals.

What is your favorite color?

Blue. No, yellow!